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janczur vs. paula

janczur vs paula

Telling a story and creating a highly psychedelic dancefloor, submerged into a trip trough the most obscure sides of psytrance: one of the favourite pastime of this couple form Brazil, who sinde 2004 have seen grow into them a big interest in unbuilding and building human brains through music.
Paula knows electronic music since 1997, attending the first upcoming parties in brazilian scene and following all its evolution since then. Ricardo Janczur had his first contact in 2002 at Ypy Poty Festival and has become addicted to this music style, traveling to the biggest European festivals in the same year and idealizing / realizing Sunvibe Festival in Brazil.
In 2006 have they made their first European tour, performing in parties and festivals in England an Slovakia, besides living the amazing experience of the BOOM Festival. In 2007 they went back there for one more tour, playing for 2 months in the UK, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Germany.
Together both are responsible for The FOP crew, which gets stronger and stronger in national scene having their djs fully connected to many parties which handle the underground and the psychedelic flag. Janczur and Paula like to involve themselves with the production of theses parties, having produced in 2006 their own party which brought to São Paulo Naked Tourist (Parvati – GER) and in 2007 the Freak Carnival Festival.
Celebrating the differences and willing to show news to brazilian crowd and by expanding their tentacles to the world, the couple attracts more and more international night music artists interested in coming to Brazil. In 2005 have made Penta Funraiser tour. In 2006 it was Cosmo (Noise Poison) time and now in 2007 Electrypnose has had his tour set by them. Their new upcoming project is 4AM Artist Management, showing a different concept for national and international artists management.
Janczur and Paula make involving set, sated with hypnotic sounds and sped up strokes. Like to stir the dancefloor up with foggy atmosphere tracks, freeing the demons and making everybody dance from the beginning to the end of their sets. Have already performe beside artists they respect a lot such as Penta, Kindzadza, Para Halu, Electrypnose, Cosmo, Naked Tourist, Alien Mental, Rinkadink, Etnica, Cosmosis, Krumelur, Dio, Baphomet Engine, Canibal BBQ, Demonizz, Psynatorium, Stereographic, Karmazon among others. 

Main Parties and Festivals
Universo Paralello, Cachoeira Alta Festival, Waves of Peace, Isladance Festival, Noise Poison Blasting Party (GER), Pacha Mama Festival (SK), Antiworld (UK), Misztifiedmind (UK), Digital Hive (UK), Paralell Dimension (IT), After Freaky (SP), Oranda (BA), Daime Tribe, Xyryry Kuaray (residents), Mandaladelic (BA), Respect, Biofreakuency, Cosmic Crew, Mental Arts Label Party, Subtractu (RJ), PsyPub Special Edition, Floresta Negra (BA), Bigdipper, Combustion, Etnica, H20, PsyArena (Ribeirão Preto/residents) and Calangute (BH/residents).

Main Clubs
Kraft (Campinas), Club A (SP), Psybreja, Drods, Dissonância, CHKRS, Susi in Transe, Pixys, Venice, State, Major Lock (BH), Xtreme (BH), Liverpool (BH), Lost (Jundiaí) and Velvet (Jundiaí), where they have started their first resident as djs.

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Djs Janczur & Paula at Universo Parallelo 2006/2007


Djs Janczur & Paula (F.O.P.)






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