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frantic noise

Frantic Noise

Matías Benamo also known as z1P was born in Buenos Aires around May of 1984. From the very beginning he developed high interest in technology, computers and music which was characterized by strong and frenetic rythms, his productions combine high & deep psychedelic feelings with abstract and surreal noises. A twisted mix of influences lead him to develop this his unique style full of powerfull rythms, strong and acid synthworks and grooving percutions... Always transposing the audience to mystical and magical universes of sound, atributes that make Frantic Noise a perfect live performance for the night or twilight hours and also for listening at home.

After the release of The Abstract Machine, his debut album with Megalopsy by Trishula Records, and several other tracks in the label's compilations, z1P and Filter founded Dark Prisma Records (, an independant label focused mainly on releasing fresh psychedelic tunes from Argentina. Around half 2005 Amalgama was printed and we proudly introduced the first and 100%-argentinian-made psy compilation by Dark Prisma and Transition Records.

His debut album as Frantic Noise, The Nordland Orchestra released by Dark Prisma Records on July '06 bombed the dancefloors all around Europe and had a very positive reaction in all the psy freaks around the world. Including awesome reviews by Damion and Death Posture.

Full Albums
Frantic Noise - The Nordland Orchestra (2006, Dark Prisma Records)
Megalopsy - The Abstract Machine (2005, Trishula Records)
Megalopsy - Internet Promo (2004, Mastered Release by PsyCZ)

Compilations Tracks
VA. Lunik: Megalopsy - Black Hole (Amaris Records)
VA. Desert Encounters: Megalopsy - After Abstract (Mass Abduction Records)
VA. Goa Girl: Megalopsy - Pachamama (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records)
VA. Amalgama: Megalopsy - Megalupis (Dark Prisma / Transition Records)
VA. Amalgama: Frantic Noise - Blues Brothers Twist Mix (Dark Prisma / Transition Records)
VA. Amalgama: Frantic Noise & Pragmatix - Balada Hardtrance (Dark Prisma / Transition Records)
VA. Mushy Mistery: Megalopsy - Intro & Outro (Trishula Records)
VA. Ignis Fatuus: Megalopsy - Zactltopsitl (Trishula Records)

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