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DJ Spliffnik BrainBusters-AuraQuake

Nik Slo aka Spliffnik is the resident DJ and along with his partner Dana form the Tokyo-based party collective and record label BrainBusters, and also lends a hand to close friends Niki and Toshi aka Asmodeus with Japanese psychedelic label Mighty Quinn Records. His DJ sets have been heard in many countries from Japan to U.S.A., Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, and India.
His musical journey started when he founded the San Francisco-based Synchronize, which has grown to be a staple in the S.F. psychedelic scene with its weekly free parties.
Moving to Tokyo in 2003 he saw a real void in the party community which he thought could be cured with a dash of the bold San Francisco spice. After producing free full moon parties and building a network of friends and family, he and good friend Dana launched the BrainBusters project in 2006. In January 2007 the first compilation Looney Tunes was released for special promotion to rave reviews, and in January 2008 Dana and Spliffnik compiled and released their second compilation, Goods Carrier, featuring artists who have been a part of the BrainBusters parties of 2006 and 2007. Another release from Mighty Quinn Records titled The Invisible Hand is scheduled for release in spring 2008.
Spliffnik is proud to be a part of the Auraquake family and represent Auraquake Records in his DJ sets and parties in Japan.(,


DJ Spliffnik - BrainBusters-AuraQuake Music



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