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October 26 2007
AQCD005 Penta: Give Me Five!

From the deep lava tube in the center of Atlantis AuraQuake is proclaiming that after one and a half year adventures around the globe and experiments with the new electro sound as Azorsky, Penta is back with his fifth album! For this occasion we have even convinced Nikita Tselovalnikov to name his new album “Give Me Five!” to underline that it is, in fact his fifth album. As always, there are scores of new technologies and tricks incorporated in each track. From dark minimal “Downturn” through high-resolution “Are We Done Yet?” to happy and morning “Wonderful Feeling” the album covers enough territories to satisfy all tastes in music. The album also features the first Azorsky release, - in this case a remix of an old and rare Penta gem. Naturally, these nine fresh tunes are to be released in both digital and CD format for your maximum enjoyment.

Penta - Give Me Five

1. Downturn
2. Are We Don Yet?
3. Robot Poetry
4. Jingle Bells
5. Pumpkin
6. Feeling Faster
7. We’re from the Future
8. Wonderful Feeling
9. Ibiza Calling (Azorsky remix)


October 26 2007
AQCD005 Penta: Portuguese Abduction

Well, it has finally happened: the Portuguese aliens have taken what was theirs for several years now – that is, Nikita Tselovalnikov, the producer of Penta, the psytrance project that has been seen live in 30 countries around the world. To commemorate this fact, AuraQuake Music is happily releasing “Portuguese Abduction”, the fourth album from Nikita, now an Azores Islands resident. Packed with next generation sounds, unexpected passages and his trademark sampling, this release is a wicked pentadelic circus carousel that takes you on a wild journey through night and day. From deep and dark “No More Evil” to the funky and unpredictable “BBQ” to the vocal and full-on “Neo Cheesy” this album is for everyone. Drawing from his experience in working at the Soviet nuclear laboratory, Nikita has made sure that every track will detonate properly on every dance floor, - huge and tiny. The mastering was provided by Tim Shuldt at the 4CN-Studios, so you can expect fresh and transparent sound all the way.

Penta "Portuguese Abduction"

1 Vegetarian Ballad
3 Time Jump
4 Andes
5 Men Dozed
6 Piscotech
7 No More Evil
8 Magic Balls
9 Neo Cheesy

March 30 2007
AQCD004 Penta: Horn Please

Endless travelling, constant noise of the parties, life in hotels, as well as a considerable dose of couch-surfing, has accumulated in Penta’s head into something that resembles the chaos of Indian street traffic. Horn Please – the message that is written on the back of the sub-continent’s trucks could never been more appropriate to describe the desire to bring order to trance musician’s life. This CD, executed in the style of a Mumbai taxi, is a dedication to the crazy party life in the form of a collection of morning and night psytrance tracks, sometimes written in headphones in different parts of the globe, and already successfully tested on the biggest dance floors of the planet. Faster BPMs than in his previous albums, as well as the use of the latest technologies, makes “Horn Please” one of Nikita’s most psychedelic works to date.

Penta "Horn Please"

1 Perfect Sunday
2 Aerobica
3 Stag Party
4 Foggy
5 Olympia
6 Take Two
7 Non-Profit
8 Why Not ?
9 Here We Come

December 1 2006
AQCD003 VA: Jitter Glow

Jitter Glow, the third release from AuraQuake Records, is destined to inspire many dancefloors this year and beyond. Consisting of ridiculously  psychedelic and driving tracks, this compilation is a treat for everyone who loves experimental night trance music.Three compositions from Macedonian duo Atriohm including one versus track with Encephalopaticys, two tracks from Penta, one mega-collaboration from Ocelot vs. Mubali vs. Alien Mental vs. Entropy vs. Dejan vs.... and single tracks from Parus and others create  a hysterical compote of noises, voices,  sharp kick drums and hurricane basslines to quench your thirst for esoteric wickedness!!!

Here are mp3 clips of unmastered tracks:

1 Parus - X-Bilet
2 Atriohm - Spell Drops
3 Penta - Turning 30
4 Atriohm vs. Encephalopaticys - Among the Stars
5 Ghreg on Earth - Twilight Zeitgeist
6 Penta - Rio
7 Atriohm - Rings of Fairy
8 Vous Deux - Wild Wild West
9 Parus - Groza

You are now able to buy it at these and other physical retailers:
You will also be able to find it in download stores such as iTunes, Beatport, and dozens of others.

Our distributor for this and future releases is Arabesque Distribution.

December 2005
AQCD002 VA: Seismic Mood

After the release of Penta's second album "Funraiser", our brand-new psytrance label from Silicon Valley and Azores Islands is presenting a compilation of new morning psychedelic sound from San Francisco - “Seismic Mood”. It consists of three new tracks from Penta, written on Azores Islands in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, three tracks from Parus, a project of Russian-born twin brothers Valik and Marik Tarasov, two new tracks from Sector 7G, a creation of Alex Becker and Scott McDonald, and a happy breakfast track from Aaron Peacock, aka Ocelot.

1 Parus - Star Pass
2 Penta - Dangerous Game
3 Sector 7G - Exploit
4 Penta - Half Dimensional
5 Ocelot -TrumpeterSwan rmx
6 Parus - Leshiy
7 Penta - Always Noon
8 Sector 7G - X-Mas
9 Parus - Volna

This second release from AuraQuake is setting the ground for the quest to explore different ways of presenting the early morning experience, although it can be enjoyed at any time of the day and night as well. Each track is a combination of melodies and modern sounds and is carefully chosen to create an atmosphere of weird happiness and slight emotional distress with a hint of silliness, so popular in earthshaken California parties and hopefully elsewhere.

The CD is going to be mastered by Lawrence aka Chromatone, insuring the professional sound. Our distributor for this and future releases is Arabesque Distribution.


September 12 2005
AQCD001 Penta: Funraiser

We are presenting the new album from the Russian-born psychedelic musician Nikita Tselovalnikov, a.k.a. Penta. The album hit the stores on September 12 2005. Our distributor for this and future releases is Arabesque Distribution. You should have no problem purchasing this title in most online stores that sell trance music, as well as in certain physical shops. Some online stores are listed in the links section under Music Stores.

1 it is done
2 detonator
3 inverter
4 pigletango
5 past holidays
6 september
7 eater of worlds
8 for the first time
9 flash forward

After the success of his first album "Pentafiles", Nikita Tselovalnikov, the producer behind Penta, has gained world-wide recognition and has performed all over the globe from Brazil to Japan at parties and major festivals such as Boom, Universo Parallelo, Full Moon, Voov, Burning Man and many others. This album is full of dark atmospheres and powerful riffs that are abundant in Penta's work to date and reflects his current experiments with psychedelic storytelling and sound design.



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